Terms and Conditions

Conditions of hire of Chalkwell Badminton Centre

Please read the conditions outlined below, and click the 'book a court' button to go through to our booking system.

  1. The hirer shall agree to comply with the following terms and conditions when using the Trustees’ premises and property.
  2. In the event of the Trustees being obliged to cancel any hiring, the hirer shall not be entitled to any compensation, but the Trustees will refund any fee or proportionate part of any fee paid.
  3. The Trustees’ Insurance Policy covers fire risk to the Trustees’ property only and any other loss or damage will be the responsibility of the hirer.
  4. No warranty is implied that the Trustees’ property is fit for the purpose for which it is hired by reason of state of repair or otherwise.
  5. The Trustees shall not be responsible for the safe custody of or any damage to any property of the hirer.
  6. Alcohol must not be brought on the premises without prior approval of the Trustees.
  7. The hirer shall ensure orderly and seemly conduct on the Trustees’ property throughout the period of hire.
  8. The Trustees reserve the right to arrange for the attendance of the police on any occasion if they should consider this desirable, and the charge for such attendance shall be paid for by the hirer on demand.
  9. Fees for the hiring of Chalkwell Badminton Centre are based on an hourly rate for the first hour but can be hired by the half hour from that first hour and must be paid to the Trustees at least seven clear days before the date of the first hiring unless otherwise arranged. Fees should be made payable to Chalkwell Badminton Centre, preferably by bank transfer to our Bank Account as detailed on the invoice for Block booking or through the electronic on line booking payment system. Payment by cheque made payable to Chalkwell Badminton Centre. Please do not send cash in the post. The cost of hire includes reasonable heating, lighting, use of cloakrooms, kitchen, posts and nets for the playing of Badminton. Any additional heating and lighting that may be required must be approved by the Trustees when booking, and may be subject to an extra charge.
  10. It is the hirer’s duty to ensure that all lights and heating are switched off and all doors securely locked on vacation of the premises. In the event of breach of this condition the hire of Chalkwell Badminton Centre by the organisation or individual/s concerned may be cancelled without any refund of booking fee.
  11. Any Trustee or representative of the Trustees shall have the right of entry to all parts of the premises at any time during the hiring.
  12. The hirer must not interfere with the structure of the premises, the heating, lighting or power supply or any furniture or equipment therein nor allow nails or screws to be driven into any part of the premises or anything therein without the permission of the Trustees.
  13. Any inflammable material, whether for costumes, decorations, or any other purpose, must be rendered fire-resisting, and the Trustees may require the hirer to remove any decoration or other substances which in their opinion may increase fire risk or otherwise cause damage.
  14. The premises should not be used after midnight except with the permission of the Trustees.
  15. Smoking is prohibited anywhere in the building or grounds.
  16. Only soft soled shoes with non marking soles may be used in the main hall. The use of outdoor footwear in the main hall is prohibited.
  17. Nothing may be used to alter the texture of the surface of the flooring in the main hall.
  18. Soft drinks are permitted in the main hall but, to avoid spillage, must at all times be kept in a sealed container.
  19. In the event of the use of the premises by persons under the age of 18 a responsible adult must be in attendance at all times.

All who are responsible for the booking of Chalkwell Badminton Centre are asked to please ensure all club members or those within their group are made aware of the above conditions. YOUR ATTENTION IS DRAWN PARTICULARLY TO CONDITION 10.

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